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About Janita Toerien

An Introduction


About Janita TOerien

Well, here we are. We need to write a profile introducing you to our brand and to be honest, we're not copywriters, no. We are artisans, designers, creatives.

We are a proudly South African brand, rooted off-the-beaten path and looking to create more than just a wedding dress. Yeah, we want your wedding dress to tell the story of you. That's right, no "fabulous" taglines, no "glamorous" pitches. We want your dress to be 100% you...a little off-beat, a little quirky, a little bit princess. Whatever that might be. 

We love what we do, we love doing it with pride. 

Our core business is custom made wedding dresses, that's what we specialize in and that is what we're known for. Have a look at this gallery of dresses made throughout the years and feel free to email us to set up an appointment for a consultation on having your dress custom designed and made. (Here is a link to how it works and here is a link to our contact page.)

Not into having one custom made? Then we can happily offer you a limited selection of once-off Couture gowns. Only one made, and in one size.

Still not sure? No problem! Check out our Leilah James collection of ready-to-wear bridal pieces that you can mix and match to create your own look! (PS. If you're from a boutique looking to stock our goods then this is the option for you!)

And then, we are so stoked to now bring you everyday ready-to-wear pieces. And when we say everyday we don’t mean the usual go-to basics. Nah, these pieces are statement pieces to amp up those simple wardrobe staples. Have a look here and buy online now.

Oh, and did we mention we have our own fragrance? That’s right, a deliciously light and sweet spritzer that can be used as a linen, room or body mist to freshen up the air around you. It’s quite allergy friendly (not tested in labs but tested by our closest friends and family who sneeze when they even hear a whisper of the word pollen) and because of its lightness it doesn’t overpower the senses (ideal gift for your tannie or ouma who feels that the scent of rose water should be smelled from 10 minutes away). Also perfect as a bridesmaids gift, thank you gift and from-me-to-me gift. Buy it here!

So, a brief history then...

Janita started her wedding dress-making business in October of 2009 with a few hundred Rand, one official wedding dress made and only one potential bride for the foreseeable future. Business was alright but it wasn't until she realized she was a quite over the regular, traditional white dress with lace and pick ups (oh yeah, in the mid to late aughts that was the go-to style) and decided to break away and make one beautiful blush and polkadot wedding gown that things changed. She realized she loved the excitement and thrill of the non-traditional. 

We design and make all the dresses in our studio in Observatory using local suppliers, intermediaries and craftswomen (or men) as far as we can. Local is indeed lekker here and when you buy from us you know it will go back into the local community whether it is by giving a seamstress a job or using local fabrics and materials wherever we can!


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