Janita Toerien






Do you have any stockists outside of Cape Town?

Why yes, we do! Our stockists include: 

The Wedding Collective in Pretoria, contact Marie at hello@theweddingcollective.co.za to set up an appointment. 

Toujours Wedding House in Durban, contact Tracey at studio@toujours.co.za to set up an appointment.

Say Oui in Rødkærsbro, Denmark, contact Trine at info@say-oui.dk to set up an appointment.

Can I bring someone with me to the consultation?

We encourage brides to only bring one person with them to the consultation. It gets very overwhelming having to discuss THE dress and we want to hear YOUR thoughts and feelings and not your great aunt's thoughts on how you should be covering up that tattoo or your step-mom telling you that size 8 body of your's is "too curvy". True story. Ps, We love tattoos.

I have my mom's dress and would like to remake it into something modern for myself, is that something you'd be willing/able to do?

Absolutely! We love stories and sentimentality here so we would be super happy to see how we could remake 

What do your dresses cost?

Ooh, always a tricky one to answer but we suggest that if you like what you see one our website you should look at budgeting R28 000 - R45 000 for 2018. As always and with everything that is custom made there are a variety of factors that contribute to the price.

Do you rent dresses? Or can I have a dress made to rent.

No, all dresses are made to buy and remains the property of the bride.

I like this designer's dress, can you make a copy for me?

Sure, do you want it printed in grey scale or colour? Oh, you meant make a replica of another designer's dress? No.