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Getting A Dress

So, how and where does one start when trying to sort of find out about wedding dresses. It's one thing looking at the pretty pictures and pinning away as your heart desires but now what? This page is here to help you navigate the options on our website to make it a little easier for you in your search of the dress. And don't worry, this is not your job to know it all and have it figured out, so we'll guide you where we can.


We have two options if you want to come see us...

1 - Book a personal consultation with Janita to discuss having a dress custom made. READ MORE HERE

2 - Book a Saturday Bridal Fitting if you just want to try dresses on and if you're not ready to commit. READ MORE HERE

ROBYN - Wedding Dress by Janita Toerien - Photo by Shanna Jones

1 | Getting a dress custom made

This is what Janita Toerien is known for. Everything, from proportion to fabric, buttons to veil is taken into consideration with a process that starts with a one-on-one consultation. 

This is ideal for the bride who want a dress unique to her, who cannot find what she's looking for or who struggle to find the perfect fit.

HANNAH - Dress by Janita Toerien - Photo by Debbie Lourens - www.janitatoerien.co.za (4).jpg


Couture, sometimes such an intimidating word, but it basically refers to a high-quality garment made or finished mostly by hand. Our couture range consists of only a handful of dresses, unique and one-of-a-kind in one size only and made with the purpose of being the only one.

This is ideal for a bride who cannot come to the required amount of fittings needed for a custom made dress but who would like something unique.

Look through our gallery of dresses below and see if there is something you like!

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