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The ready-to-wear bridal collection by Janita Toerien



So what exactly is LEILAH JAMES? It is the ready-to-wear bridal range by Janita Toerien. 

What does this mean? This means that there are ready-made separate tops and skirts that you can try on and buy/order right then and there. There is no need for the required 5 fittings needed for a bespoke dress, you can see exactly what you'll be getting and there is a shorter lead time than having a dress custom made. It also means that you can choose your own combination of top and bottom to what you would like it to be.

Why introduce a range like this? We wanted to grow our brand, making it more accessible and taking it to a broader market without becoming a mass-manufacturer producing the same few dresses over and over. We also wanted to keep the brand identity of creating a custom and unique look and with the range being separates brides can now create a minimum of 30 different looks by combining the tops and skirts alone!

And pricing? That's the great thing about Leilah James, you can combine pieces to fall in the price range you'd like to pay! Combinations range from R11 500 to R35 920 when pairing tops and bottoms. That even means that if there's money left in the budget, you can add an additional skirt for the ceremony and change your look completely! How great is that!

What can I expect to find? Our debut collection consists of 5 bottoms, 6 tops and 3 capes all interchangeable to create a variety of combinations. We’ve included some of our most popular cuts like our bustier style bodice in Ami and Ava, and we’ve played with new, stretchy (and super comfortable) fabrics like our Mona skirt or Adele top. 


AMI + MARGOT - Dress by Janita Toerien - Photo by Jenni Elizabeth - www.janitatoerien.co.za (1).jpg


The 6 tops we have vary from a casually tailored crop top to a fitted, bustier style bodysuit. 

ARIANA + MELODY - Dress by Janita Toerien - Photo by Jenni Elizabeth - www.janitatoerien.co.za (1).jpg


From a poofy ballgown to a fun, flirty feather skirt, here are our 5 skirts.

ADELE + MONA + ZOEY - Dress by Janita Toerien - Photo by Jenni Elizabeth - www.janitatoerien.co.za (3).jpg


Capes. Because who needs a sad little shawl when you can have something this stylish!